Microsoft Outlook Express

Outlook Express is an e-mail and news client that is included with Internet Explorer. As such, it also works with several versions of Microsoft Windows, In Windows Vista; Outlook Express was replaced by Windows Mail, then again by Windows Live Mail as separate software in Windows 7. Outlook Express is another program from Microsoft Office Outlook. The two programs do not share a common code base, but share a common philosophy of architecture. Similar names lead many people to the erroneous conclusion that Outlook Express is a streamlined version of Microsoft Office Outlook. Outlook Express uses the Windows Address Book to store contact information and integrates tightly with it. On Windows XP, it also integrates with Windows Messenger. As our EmailTechnical Experts helps our preferred customers as follows:

  • Installation related solutions for both custom and standard.
  • Microsoft Outlook Express Repairs
  • Configuring and setting up the E mail Accounts (Microsoft Exchange, POP, SMTP, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, MSN, Etc as one should have a valid e- mail address before configuration)
  • Back up restore from older versions of Microsoft Outlook to the new account or to the desired Version of Microsoft Outlook)
  • Any king of migrations from the Microsoft Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail.


Microsoft Outlook

Each part of Microsoft Outlook provides significant improvements. Your copies of Outlook 2010 work with tradition and have become more intelligent and easier to use and is more compatible with other programs. You now get a number of advanced features, including an office communicator, office mobile service integration, split message feature, screen capturing tools and so much more. But even after the arrival of his successor, Outlook 2007 still commands a high percentage of dedicated users. Whatever your version of Outlook is you must have your hand to face problems. From installation and configuration of Outlook on your PC to the email client the magnitude of these problems is though high and our tech experts helps to resolve these problems remotely and hence helps to troubleshoot and fix the related issues :




One who uses the e mail may find both webmail client and a desktop client using the POP3 protocol as a incompatible tool as the emails which are downloaded from the desktop client and removed from the server will no longer remains with the webmail client, makes limited to view messages using the web client before saved or downloaded.





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