Installation and Setup

Installation and SetupWhen we first get hardware the first thing required to configure it with our existing device or to setup the newly bought device itself. We do support our customer doing setup as well as installation or re-installation of the devices it order to make it work.


Setting up a computer, PC, Notebook, Laptop etc. is just not an easy task and many owners afraid to do it by themselves as they do understand that if anything goes wrong while setup or installation of the hardware it might can cause hardware or software damage. So they look for a technician to do the same for them and they carry their computer in a truck or car, drive about 2 to 3 miles in traffic and leave it to the technician store for 3 to 5 working days to function it well and end up paying the same kind of high price for the support which they actually paid to get the hardware.


How We Can Help?

Our Tech Experts will connect your computer with his computer and resolve the issue by making some software changes. In case of products like Routers, Modems or any device which cannot be accessed by remote our Tech experts will guide you over the phone itself and make the things working for you.


  Computer Shops Technical Support Today
TIME 3 to 5 working days 45 min to 1 hour
Money Same as the cost of equipment $199.99
Valid Till one time incident support 1 Year unlimited *   Technical Support


What we support you in Installing and setup?

Computers & PC   Laptops & Notebooks Printers
Wireless Routers Wireless Networks Anti – Virus
Anti – Spyware Internet Digital Camera
Web Camera Mp3 Players and Other Software’s
*Subject to the plan type




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