Computer Security

Why I need to secure my computer?

Computer security is also known as information security as applied to Computers, Notebooks, Laptops and networks. The objective of computer security includes protection of information and property from theft, corruption while allowing the information and property to remain accessible and productive to its intended users. The collective process and mechanisms by which sensitive and valuable information and services are protected from publication, tempering or collapse by untrustworthy individuals and unplanned events respectively.


How We Can Help?

Anti – Virus : When a customer buys a computer most of the companies do offer anti – virus software for a limited time period to make the computer secure and people think that the computer is totally secures but that’s not true. An anti – virus software will not be working well if it’s not connected to internet because an anti – virus need to get updated with defecation for new viruses been generated. There also a scenario where people do have anti – virus  but still they have infected computers because there are couple of infection which cannot be catch by anti – virus and that’s the only reason that no anti – virus can give a commitment of 100% security but to an extent they offer you of 85% as security. Our technician will give you support over those 15% as well which cannot be tracked by your highly paid anti – virus software with a first call resolution of 94.00% and complete 1 year unlimited technical support.


Internet Security : Internet is the most common way to get malicious software on your computer although that can transferred from other mean of communicating devices as well like Cd, Disk, External hard drive, flash drive, wireless networks etc. Most of the infection can be catch or filtered through your security software you have on your computer but sometime it happens that even after getting deleted the infection leave an effect on your computer due to which the computer end up with number of problems like slow performance, no boot issue, black screen, blue screen etc. Our Tech Expert will help you not only to resolve such kind of issues but also securing your computer for future as well.


Wireless Security : one of the several popular standards for wireless network security is Wi-Fi Protected Access (WAP). Most of the home user and small business use same technology to share internet and most of the time they are not aware of the fact that is there connection is secure enough. Sometimes this may led up to big problem as this type of network work on frequency or range basis and it might be possible that in your neighborhood someone is accessing your Wi-Fi to use internet but the malicious activities he had on his computer, laptop, notebook or smart phone can be transferred to your computers using same Wi-Fi and make some software changes to your computer which may cause harm to your computer and may cause harm to you as a person as well if the data stored in your computer will be shared. Our Tech Expert will help you not only to resolve such kind of issues but also securing your computer for future as well.


Computer Privacy : Today, many people rely on computers to do homework, work, and create or store useful information. Therefore, it's important for the information to be stored and kept properly. It's also extremely important to protect computers from data loss, misuse and abuse. For example, businesses need to keep their information secure and shielded from hackers. Home users also need to ensure their credit card numbers are secure when participating in online transactions. A computer security risk is any action that could cause loss of information to software, data, processing incompatibilities or damage to computer hardware. Our Certified Tech Experts are willing to help 24 by 7.365 days a year to make sure that computer owners and get more and more benefits from their computer without being a victim of any hacking activities or any loss of data or hardware.





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